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"Actes and Monuments", which is also known as the "Book of Martyrs", details to a certain degree the persecution and history of Protestants into England up until the reign of Elizabeth I with some special emphasis on the reign of Mary Tudor, also known as Bloody Mary. 

As exhibited in the video above and gallery below, this item has had a stupendous journey that is not unlike many objects that've traveled over the oceans of time to be analyzed today. A thing most interesting about his piece in fact are the contents contained with the donation of the item, specifically a collection of bird feathers, seeds, and other materials that makes one wonder what habit this book came from. Also displayed in the gallery below you'll find scraps of paper which appeared to be the equivalent of one's math homework or an accounting of some kind. 

One could also notice the hand written notes throughout. As explained in the video, this book has exchanged hands many times, passed down from generation to generation before donation. 

A thing too worth noting are the plastic sleeves holding many pages together. As this book as traveled for some time, it is understandable the condition of the artifact wouldn't be classified as "fresh printed" it is also wondrous to notice the missing pieces. With the advancements of technology over the years we don't lose the contents of the book as one could simply look up on the internet the information the book pertained to; however, the intrigue her are in the tears. As we examine the frayed edges of ripped paper, the story deepens with the object. 

Additional pieces from this book

Foxe, John. 1896-1897. Actes and Monuments. At London : Printed by Peter Short. 

     Norlin Library--Special Collections--Oversize 1


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